Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows

The windows in your home play a major role in both the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Outdated windows lead to higher utility bills, more maintenance, and a home that looks stuck in time. Upgrading the windows in your home is a project that has a great return on investment if you ever decide to sell the home. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy lower utility bills on a monthly basis! Vinyl and fiberglass are the most popular window choices right now. Let’s look at some of the key differences to determine what window type is the best fit for your home. 


Vinyl windows are cheaper than fiberglass. The exact price difference will depend on the size and number of windows you’re replacing, but in general vinyl is about 10% to 30% cheaper than fiberglass. If you need new windows but have a tight budget, vinyl is going to be a better fit. 

Decorative Freedom 

In terms of decorative freedom, fiberglass windows have a lot more flexibility than vinyl. Vinyl windows are smooth, can’t be painted, and have thicker edges. Fiberglass windows feature thin edges to expose the most natural light possible. Fiberglass windows can also be painted or stained to compliment your interior design plan. 


New vinyl windows will last for about 30 years in a home before they need to be replaced. That’s a significantly longer lifespan than wood windows, but not as long as fiberglass. Fiberglass windows will last for about 50 years! Both window options are durable under harsh weather conditions and varying temperatures, but fiberglass is ideal. Vinyl can expand and shrink as temperatures change throughout the year, shortening the lifespan and reducing its performance. 

Energy Efficiency 

Both vinyl and fiberglass are better than wood windows at maintaining the internal temperature of the home, but fiberglass is about 15% more energy-efficient than vinyl. That’s not surprising considering fiberglass was originally designed for use in insulation! This improved energy efficiency will help rehab some of the cost that comes with installing fiberglass windows. 


Both vinyl and fiberglass windows require little to no maintenance. This is a big improvement from other window options! Other than cleaning the glass a few times per year for appearance’s sake, you won’t have to do anything to maintain your new windows. 

Contact K&B Home Remodelers today to learn more about installing new windows in your home! Our experienced team can discuss your budget and the specifics of your home to determine if fiberglass or vinyl windows are the best fit for your home. The installation of both fiberglass and vinyl windows is quick and easy, so you could be enjoying new windows before you know it! 

About Mike Damora

Mike Damora is vice president of sales and marketing at K&B Home Remodelers, in Randolph, N.J. You can follow him on Twitter @madamoracatch him on Drift.