K&B Home Remodelers is happy to provide all of its customers with Andersen Window & Door installations!

As one of the premier window manufacturers in the US, Andersen Windows has long been one of the defining brands in the world of exterior design. Andersen has been manufacturing windows since 1927, and has since pioneered numerous innovations, such as welded glass that protects against condensation and frost, and vinyl exteriors, a staple in the industry today. Boasting several accolades such as Most Used Brand, the Readers Choice Green award, and the Energy Star Partner of the Year, it is widely recognized as a leader in eco-friendly, long last windows. Needless to say you can count on Andersen to serve your window needs!



Energy efficiency is something that has never had higher priority than now. With environmental awareness and attention towards energy consumption at an all-time high, homeowners are doing their best to find ways to reduce heating costs and streamline their energy uses at home. For this, Andersen has the products for the job. Both of their window lines are Energy Star certified, and are engineered to insulate your home to the highest degree.



Frames are probably the most important part of a window, perhaps more so than the window pane itself. This is because the frame does more than just help your window aesthetically. It is essentially a seal for your window as well, preventing moisture, cool air, and dust and debris from entering your home. Taking into consideration these responsibilities, it can be argued that it has to be as strong and secure as siding, in addition to functioning as a window.

This is why Andersen makes sure to equip each of their windows with top of the line sealing and framing. Ranging from their patented Fibrex frames, which are twice as strong as vinyl and won’t fade, flake, blister, or peel, to their top-of-the-line fiberglass frames, which are among the most solid on the market, they are dedicated to keep your home sealed and secured, and to look beautiful while doing it.


Andersen always stays ahead of the curve with their forward-thinking design, choosing to think outside the box and implement features that won’t be typically found with other brands. These include internal blinds that slip in between the window panes, and VeriLock security sensors that alert you if your windows are open or not. All of these ensure that consumers are getting the latest in window technology, which is smart for future-proofing your home.