Andersen’s wide variety of windows and doors gives way to myriad of styles and options at your disposal. We over at K&B Remodelers are happy to be able to bring so many options to the table, allowing you to create whatever style suits your company best. To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of a variety of different styles to help you find something that suits you. We look forward to helping you bring these to life!


The 400 Series embodies the best of both modern innovation and classic design. Sporting a traditional wood frame with a vinyl exterior to strengthen water resistance and sealage, these windows are perfect for homeowners who want to retain a more classic look to their home while not skimping on performance and efficiency. The 400 Series is available in multiple window types and colors to allow endless flexibility depending on your needs and preferences.



With the 200 Series, the warmth of wood is put on full display, and offers the best balance of innovation, design, and efficiency, all at an incredible price. Further adding to the savings are energy efficient window panes and low maintenance exteriors that will stand strong for years to come. This is a value proposition that won’t be matched by any other window in its range.



The A-Series windows is part of our flagship Architectural collection, and take innovation to the next level, utilizing the latest technology to provide a quality window that honors the traditional look while offering the best performance of its caliber. Comprised of a wood frame encased in a fiberglass and Fibrex® composite material exterior, this unique combination results in a frame that is completely resistant to water leakage and is solid in its sealage, keeping your home’s interior climate preserved. The A-Series is available in a wide variety of windows & doors to cater to the needs and preferences of the homeowner, enabling you endless freedom.



Low maintenance and high performing, the E-series sports wood frames that provide warmth to the inside, with an aluminum exterior that is rust-proof and provides excellent sealage. Ideal for climates that experience frequent cold weather, the aluminum frame withstands the elements and effortlessly expands and contracts with the rising and falling temperatures, eliminating the worry for cracking and gaps forming. Available in multiple windows and sliding door types, the E-Series is perfect for those who are looking for a resilient window that looks as good as it performs.


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