The Best Time of the Year to Replace Your Windows

You may have noticed that your home’s windows are in need of a makeover, but you aren’t sure if now is a good time to replace your windows. There are pros and cons with every season when it comes to revitalizing your home’s windows, so there’s never a bad time. Natural light and energy efficiency are benefits that you can feel during Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Once you’ve stopped procrastinating and decided it’s finally time to replace your windows, you may ask yourself, when is the ideal time to buy replacement windows for your home. 

High Demand

You probably notice your windows more during the warmer months when you’re able to enjoy sunlight and fresh air, but it isn’t always the best time to replace your windows. During the Spring and Summer, a lot of homeowners in your area are planning their home remodeling projects, so it can be difficult to find a high-quality contractor who has the availability to replace your windows when you need them. Customer demand (your competition) is much lower during the Fall and Winter months. 

Homeowners in your area may be worried that they can’t have windows installed during winter months for fear that their home will be exposed to the weather and feel uncomfortable during the installation. This isn’t the case though when windows are installed in your home, your interior isn’t exposed for very long and won’t impact your home. You gain a lot of flexibility during the Winter, so you can schedule the installation for a time that works for you.

Low Cost

When some contractors are flooded with requests for projects, they’re able to charge more for, and the cost is passed onto the consumer. Installation during chilly months is the opposite though, not as many homeowners are calling window contractors for quotes, so you can save yourself some money beating the rush that comes with the thaw. 

Damage to your home’s windows can be easier to spot during the winter months; you may feel a draft or notice that your heating bills are higher than they typically are. Fixing these issues immediately, during the Winter can save you money on future heating and cooling costs. Plus, prevent any problems from escalating further and affecting other aspects of your home. The money you’ll save on your heating and cooling bills and installing windows in the Winter combined with convenience and flexibility of a winter installation makes Winter secretly a great time to replace your windows. 

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