Patio doors are essential for any home with a deck or patio. They give you an easy way in and out of your home. They’re especially useful during the spring, summer, and early fall when you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. There are many different varieties of patio doors out there. Our team at K&B Home Remodelers offers sliding glass and screen patio doors that are built to be used but also look great as well. One of the best ways to prepare your home for the beautiful Summer weather in New Jersey is by replacing your patio door. Contact us today to get started.


Everyone loves spending time outdoors. Some of the best memories you can make are made right in your back yard. Patio door makes entertaining guests more convenient and your home more accessible. Patio doors let a tremendous amount of light into your home without sacrificing on energy-efficiency. The patio doors that we install from ProVia are designed to be high-performing in all seasons. Patio doors need to look great, but at the end of the day, they’re doors and function are just as important as looks are.

Our team at K&B Home Remodelers installs sliding and hinged patio doors from ProVia that are ENERGY STAR rated but also come in a large variety of colors. Their vinyl construction allows them to be very strong while also providing incredible protection and airtight efficiency.


What makes ProVia patio doors different is their construction. They’re built to exceed industry standards in all aspects. Patio doors need to be able to handle harsh weather even though they’re intended for beautiful weather. Their windows are tested to be able to handle intense conditions, including heat and moisture.


K&B Home Remodelers works with top manufacturers in the door industry, including, ProVia so we can ensure that all homeowners we work with high quality product paired with our installation. Energy-efficiency, durability and aesthetics are all important factors when considering a new patio door. There’s no sacrifice on appearance; we offer patio doors different styles, feels and colors to meet the needs of any homeowners. Contact us today if you’re interested in our patio door installation or replacement services.