At K&B Home Remodelers, our team is proud to serve the community of Mountain Lakes, NJ with our roofing, siding, and window replacement services. Mountain Lakes is a Morris County borough that’s an NYC suburb. It’s known for being a residential lake community in northwestern New Jersey and got its name for the man-made lakes in the region. The lakes make the borough a stunning place to live. When the community was first settled, large, beautiful stucco homes were built. Homes in Mountain Lakes have evolved since then, and our team at K&B Home Remodelers is here to help.

Mountain Lakes is home to about 4,200 residents spread throughout 1,300 households. There are so many outstanding houses in town; it’s actually one of the top places to live in New Jersey. Nature plays a huge role in Mountain Lakes. The many lakes are great places for residents and families to hang out. If you’re a Mountain Lakes resident in need of replacement windows, siding, or roofing, contact our team at K&B Home Remodelers today.