When the time comes to replace your tired old windows and doors, put on a new roof, or update your homes existing exterior siding, what are your options?  Traditional home exteriors in Morristown were made predominantly of wood, as were the windows and doors, and in some cases the roof as well.

Later in the 20th century technology gave way to alternative claddings, first aluminum then vinyl.  While in their time they served a purpose, advances in building materials have paved the way for longer-lasting exterior claddings, such as fiber cement, by James Hardie®, along with composite trim accessories that are impervious to the elements, unlike their early predecessors, wood, aluminum, and vinyl.


Roofing is one of K&B Home Remodeler’s specialties. As one of the most important protective elements of your home, we don’t take the responsibility of doing work on your roof lightly. We only hire the best contractors to work on your home, employing those with ample amounts of experience, the right credentials and licenses, and a high level of professionalism.

Manpower is only half the battle though. We also have a great relationship with one of the best roofing shingle manufacturers in the business, Atlas roofing shingles. Renowned for their durability and variety, Atlas roof shingles come in multiple different styles and price points, ensuring that you the homeowner gets full control on how you want your home to appear.



K & B Home Remodelers specializes in the application of Fiber Cement Siding.  As a James Hardie® Preferred Elite Contractor, K & B Home Remodelers’ installers are trained to apply these various claddings, be it, clapboard, board and batten or shake, to any existing Morristown home to transform it to a modern day look, or restore it to its original grandeur.

Our state of the art design software allows us to digitally mask your home’s exterior and apply new siding, masonry, windows, doors, roofs and porticos so you can see what your home will look like, along with the various color combinations, in order to achieve the precise appearance and feel you want.


As for windows, K & B Home Remodelers carries the full line of Andersen™ Fibrex Windows, and according to owner Horacio Kusnier, who has been installing all manner of windows over the past 17 years, “this is the best window I have ever put in”.  It’s highly efficient glass package makes it superior to all competitors, and the rugged Fibrex exterior won’t succumb to the harsh UV rays like vinyl windows, that eventually warp and discolor.



Morristown, “the military capital of the America Revolution” as it’s referred to by historians, is more commonly known today as “Mo Town”, and is chock full or 18th century memorabilia. Most notably Morristown was the encampment for the Continental Army where Washington led numerous marches on Trenton and Princeton.  His original headquarters was housed in Jacob Arnold’s Tavern, in the center of town known as The Green.

Morristown was chosen particularly for its location, strategically positioned between New York and Philadelphia, and the Watchung Mountains provided natural cover from the British forces.

Today Morristown is the county seat of Morris County and is a thriving community with shops, numerous restaurants, theaters, parks and historic landmarks.