Morristown is well known for its history. As “the military capital of the America Revolution”, it is filled with 18th-century memorabilia and is remembered for being the encampment for the Continental Army from which George Washington led numerous marches on Trenton and Princeton. A central reason for the town’s military background is its strategic location, as it is located between New York and Philadelphia, with the Watchung Mountains providing natural cover from the British. Morristown today is a small, vibrant community with several establishments for dining, entertainment, parks and more. We are honored to offer the full extent of our roofing installation and replacement services to the area.


Installing a roof is a crucial point in building a house, and when done right, will give you a strong protective barrier that will last for years to come. A poorly installed roof will require more frequent repairs and have an early lifespan, making your choice in the company that will install it as important an investment as the roof itself. Knowing this, we approach every project with the goal of doing the best job as can be. From choosing the perfect roofing shingles to keeping your property clean throughout the process, we approach every detail with the aim of being as considerate and convenient as possible.

We also work with Atlas Roofing, one of the top shingle manufacturers in the country. They offer a wide variety of roof shingles to suit any budget and style that you may have. We strongly believe that combining the best installation work with the best materials will result in a solid roof to last for generations.


Roof replacements are a vital necessity when maintaining your home. All roofs have a certain lifespan, and in order to ensure their integrity, certain components need to be replaced. In addition that, accidents happen, and certain elements need to be repaired immediately, or risk more severe damage.

Because of this, we offer the best in roof repair services, with contractors that can issue immediate temporary repairs onsite, before returning to execute a permanent solution. This ensures that no further damages spread, and your roof can return to being the protective barrier that it should be.


Staying on top of the condition of your roof is important. That’s why we offer roofing inspection services to perform regular checkups on your roof to ensure that it remains in top condition. We recommend getting your roof inspected twice a year to make sure that no nasty problems arise overnight.