Tips for Hiring a Siding Contractor

Hiring someone to work on your home is always a stressful process. Not only are you trusting them to improve your home, but you’re also spending a lot of money to do so! Home improvement projects aren’t the time to skimp or hire the first person you find. Siding contractors are responsible for properly installing…

Why You Should Hire a Pro to Install Your Windows

Window installation may seem like a DIY project, but if you’re dealing with a plethora of problems, you should leave this job to an expert. You can hire a professional team as they have the right skills to get the job done efficiently. There are numerous benefits of hiring a professional team to install your…

Siding Installation and Weather

The siding on your home plays a big part in the curb appeal and functionality of your space. Good siding makes it easier for your home to maintain the desired temperature inside, keeps bad weather out, and prevents pests from entering the home. If your siding is damaged or needs to be replaced, it should be…

K&B Home Remodelers on Designing Spaces Local NY

K&B Home Remodelers was just featured on a Designing Spaces Local NY segment. Check out the segment below! Contact our team for a quote today for a new roof or new siding on your home.