Why a Portico Might be Right for Your Home

With the weather heating up it is the perfect time to get your custom portico built.  The summer is a good time to add more shade to the front of your house.   A portico is a nice touch to the front door area of a home that provides additional shelter and style.  If a new portico is on the to do list here are some tips before you get started. 


Whether you are looking to build your own or hire a professionals it is important to know how porticos are built. There are many materials and designs when it comes to porticos.  It can lead someone down a rabbit hole of where to start or what is best for their home.  First, lets go over the process of the installation.  Before we go out and find materials we should know the dimensions of what we are working with. Start by framing your front stairs.  Now if you already have stairs that are damaged and need replacement this could be an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  Then we want a drawing of the portico so there is a point of reference.  The siding in the work area will have to be removed so there are no distractions.  Lastly,  check your local codes there may be requirements for support depending on how big you are planning of going.  


The cost of your portico will come down to a few factors.  It is all dependent on size, materials, labor.  The larger the size of your portico the more protection it will offer.  The average size homeowners go for is 5 feet by 8 feet.  Materials can vary when looking into porticos back in the day it was common to see a lot of them made from wood.  Now more commonly you will see stone or brick for structural support.  If keeping the cost down is important to you I would recommend vinyl it is the cheapest and easiest to maintain.  


One of the biggest reasons for newer homes to showcase a portico is due to the curb appeal it offers.  It is all in the details after all.  Porticos are a nice little finishing touch to the front door area of the home.  On top of just looks porticos offer shelter to the elements.  Have you ever been stuck out in the rain trying to rush to get your keys out of your pocket and by the time you get inside your drenched.  At least with a portico it will offer a nice buffer from your entry way to the outside world.  

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