Why Your Roof Needs An Inspection

Your roof tends to go through the most wear and tear out of any part of your home, as it has to resist the rigors of winds, direct sunlight, hail and much more. And while your roof is built to withstand this, eventually this constant barrage of harsh weather takes its toll. It is recommended by the National Roofers Contractors Association that your roof is inspected twice a year, once after the winter, and once after the summer. With us now being in the middle of the summer, we recommend planning in advance to get a roof inspection done by the end of the season. Here are 3 reasons why.

Storms and Harsh Weather

During summer and winter, there is a stronger likelihood that your home will be subject to more intense conditions such as extreme heat or cold, as well as harsh winds, rain and hail, and other things that may be more than your roof is designed to handle. Therefore, it is recommended to get an inspection done immediately following a harsh storm or weather incident, as it may have pushed your roof beyond its capabilities.

Proper Drainage

It’s easy to take a look at your roof and check for missing or damaged shingles. However, while they tend to compose of most of your roof, your shingles are often not the cause of leaks, rather it is instead caused by improper runoff of water. This can be caused by debris on top of your roof such as trash, leaves, and branches, which can not only blog water but absorb it, allowing it to seep under your roof shingles. Clogged or malfunctioning gutters can be another cause for leaks, as they can block water from running off the roof, resulting in water backing up into the roof shingles, or placing a larger amount of stress on the edge. Having a professional come to check up on this is important to ensure that problems are stopped before they start.

General Aging

All roofs come equipped with a certain lifespan. In the case of asphalt roofs, that is usually between 15-30 years or more depending on the quality of the shingles. All roofs go through weathering and aging, with the effects of those factors wearing down a roof over time. This can lead to openings forming, allowing water to infiltrate into the delicate inner workings of your home. By having regular inspections, you can track the rate at which your roof ages, and can schedule maintenance on these deficiencies accordingly.

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