Why A Portico Is The Addition Your Home Needs

Take a look at the house above. Do you get a sense of grandeur when you view it? Perhaps the feeling that whoever is living in it is more affluent and successful? What is it about the house that triggers that in you? 

While it is the excellent siding work and windows that certainly help with it (both of which we would be happy to do for you), it is the grand portico that ties everything in together. With its own separate roof space and columns framing the entrance, it makes everything more regal and refined, making guests and homeowners alike feel like they are entering a more premium residence. And that’s just one reason on why your home deserves a portico.

Shade and Shelter

We all tend to do something at our doorways before we exit and enter the house. Maybe you need to pull out your keys so you can lock/unlock the door. Maybe you need to check your phone for directions/see if your Uber is close by. Whatever it may be, all of those can be hindered by wind, rain, and even intense sun during the summertime. This is because you are directly exposed to the elements the moment you step outside.

Not with a portico though! With a portico, the transition from the controlled indoors to the unpredictable outdoors is smoother and seamless, as you have an initial layer of protection through the roof and columns surrounding you. This enables you to step outside without having to worry about immediately being hit by rain or a gust of wind.

Improved Aesthetics

We touched before on how a portico improves the appearance of your home, however it is important to note just how much of a difference a portico can make. Porticos help place emphasis on the entrance to your home, establishing it as a position of importance. Guests who visit immediately feel like they are entering a more refined residence, making it a perfect addition for those who like to entertain. Furthermore, if your home is symmetrical then the portico will highlight that symmetry, making it an eye-catcher to even the random passerby. Your home the envy of the neighborhood with this simple edition!

Increased Property Value

Both of the mentioned perks result in one major one: increased value of your property. By adding a portico to your home, you are moving up its value into the echelon of premium properties, enabling you to charge as accordingly. This will come of great benefit to those who have plans to sell their property in the future, as there is a great chance that your return on investment would have been higher with the portico than without.

In short, a portico is more than just a simple addition to the facade of your home, but rather a solid investment into your future property value, and the impression your home leaves on others. If you feel like you could benefit from such perks, contact us at (862) 305-0462, or fill out an online inquiry form.

About Mike Damora

Mike Damora is vice president of sales and marketing at K&B Home Remodelers, in Randolph, N.J. You can follow him on Twitter @madamoracatch him on Drift.