When To Replace Your Gutters

A vital part of your home’s roof system is your gutters. Tasked with the responsibility for discharging runoff water to a safe place away from your home, they are unfortunately often underestimated in their importance, and as a result are less prioritized than other parts of your roof like your shingles. This is a mistake, as the malfunction of your gutters tends to account for more of your roof’s problems than the shingles itself. Here are some signs for you to look out for before they cause serious damage.

Formation of Ice Dams

Ice dams are something that is loathed by many homeowners, as they are difficult to remove once formed, and can be very destructive if not dealt with as soon as possible. Ice Dams are commonly formed by clogged gutters that allow water and snow to build up along the edge of your roof. Therefore, it is best to have this worked on by a professional, as it requires dedicated work on your gutters and roof to be fixed.

Dents & Cracks

Dents and cracks are a surefire sign of gutters that need replacing. They can lead to improper leaks and drainage, either inhibiting the flow of water or sending water where it shouldn’t go. If the water is not flowing freely or properly throughout the gutter system, it can be pushed back under your roof shingles, allowing gaps and cracks to form over time.

Warped Downspouts

Just like your gutter, the downspout also needs to allow for a clear flow of water. Dents or cracks in this section ca lead to water flow being blocked or disrupted, obstructing the flow of water and preventing the system from working as efficiently as it should. This also leads to water back up, so the sooner you spot this and fix it, the better.

Moss & Algae Growth

Moss and algae can either be a nice natural addition to your home or an eyesore, but regardless of your opinion it is best for it to be removed. Algae can eat away at the protective layer at the top of your asphalt roof shingles, making it weaker to natural elements and shortening its lifespan. Moss and algae grow in still, humid conditions, so growth on the sides of your roof near the gutters is a sure sign of gutter malfunction. Get it looked at immediately!

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