Custom made portico for a home

What Is a Portico?

A portico is an addition to the front of your home, once built it creates a roofed structure over the front doors of your home that is held up by columns. Porticos can come in numerous sizes and shapes. Depending on the home you visit some may have simple designs whilst other homes can have very complex and beautifully formulated designs. When it comes to a portico it is truly up to the homeowner’s imagination. In this article, we will be discussing porticos in further detail explaining their importance and why you should consider investing in one for your home.

The Purpose of a Portico

The main purpose of a portico is to shield the front entrance of your home from the natural elements of the environment. A portico not only protects your front entrance it can also protect visitors and homeowners when arriving at the house. This custom-made enclosure even allows homeowners to comfortably greet visitors with little worry of getting affected by the elements around them. In the warmer times of the year, a portico can even be used as a type of porch. You’re able to sit in your porticos area on warm sunny days without being in direct contact with the sun. Therefore, a portico’s main purpose is protection but it can also be used for enjoyment and convenience.

Porticos Boost Home Value

When you decide to add a portico to your home it not only increases your overall protection but also your curb appeal. Your home will look much more beautiful and elegant attracting the attention of pedestrians. Your home will be the talk of the neighborhood and you may even start a new trend in the area. Since porticos boost the overall appearance of your home they can also affect home value. People like beautiful homes that have personality, and adding a portico does just that. By increasing curb appeal and enhancing your exterior you are also increasing the value of your home.

When to Invest in a Portico

There are multiple benefits in investing in a portico however here are some of the most important. If you are considering selling your home in the future then a portico can help with adding value to your property. Without having to spend huge sums of money on a massive remodel or addition. Another huge benefit is specifically for people who live in cold or harsh environments. A portico can go a long way when it comes to blocking snow, rain, and debris from strong winds. Therefore, areas like the Northeast can benefit greatly from their installations. If you’re a homeowner thinking about installing a portico then contact K&B Home Remodelers to get the best price and customer service experience in the industry.

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