Tips for Picking a Roof Shingle

Among the best roofing materials, shingles reign supreme. However, not everyone knows that there are different shingles in the market. If you have a new building that needs roofing or intends to replace your home’s roof, it is important to understand the difference. Based on experience and information, you can make the best purchasing decision when faced with one.

Below are the tips to make the right choice when buying shingles:

Review your Existing Roof

Before you proceed with replacing your roof with a new one, carefully examine the current type to identify its downsides. If you can do this, you already know the next roof shingle must attend to the challenges you are encountering with the current one. For example, if the roofing material is in good condition but cannot withstand harsh weather. In that case, your shingle choice should offer protection where the other is lacking.

Climatic Consideration

The temperature in your home partly depends on the color of the chosen shingle. This will, in turn, affect your insulation needs and the expenses you incur on energy. If the location you occupied experiences hot weather, black color isn’t advisable because it retains heat. Purchasing a shingle with lighter colors is ideal, given its cooling effect on the interior. So, the climatic condition of your location matters a lot when selecting the right shingle.

Consider Your Home’s Colors

How you combine colors speaks a lot about your home. In fact, it adds value to your property, especially if you intend to sell it anytime soon. Dark brown shingles complement red brick houses, while warm gray shingles look good on beige houses. If your remodeling project covers painting the home exterior, use the color palette to choose matching colors.

Explore Style Options

Shingles come in different ranges and differ in functionalities. When you are at the point of getting roofing material for your home, ask about the differences. The explanation will give you insights that guide your purchasing decision. Asphalt shingles are high quality and suitable for protection in all environments. You can also consider different variations that are available in the market.

Discuss Your Choices with the Installer

The research begins with you, but you need to inform your professional roofing installer about your findings and decision. They have the experience since they deal with several roofing materials in their day-to-day activities. You will get valuable advice concerning the roofing shingle that suits your home.


These tips are sufficient to help you pick the best roof shingle. It is ideal to consider the impact resistance, wind rating, and expert advice before making your final decision. K&B Home Remodelers can help you with a high-quality roof, contact our team today

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