Signs That You Need to Replace Your Front Door

The first thing that visitors see when they first head into your home is your front door. It’s one of the key features of your home’s exterior with the important jobs of protection as well as complementing the look of your home. Whether it be pests, intruders, or weather, your front door protects you against anything that comes it’s way. Front doors have unseen benefits as well; they provide you with energy-efficiency and improved insulation when they’re working well. A front door can also be a bonus selling point if you do decide to sell your home, a beautiful door can become the focal point of a home. With so many benefits, you can see why it’s important that your windows are functioning properly. Read below to learn some of the signs that your front door is in need of a replacement. 

Door Doesn’t Operate Correctly

Is opening and closing your front door becoming a workout in itself? This is one of the clearest signs that you need a new door. Materials that doors are made of can swell, expand, and contract with the weather over the years, causing the door to not function well. Moisture is one of the key factors that lead to the warping of doors. If you begin to notice that your door is scraping the floor or not closing as tightly as it used to, it’s probably become misshapen over time. When the door isn’t fitting the frame tightly, it’s more vulnerable to damage and less sturdy overall.

The Door is Drafty

If, when you walk by your front door, it feels like it may be ajar, you’re experiencing a drafty door. From expanding and contracting with the weather, doors can allow more outside air into your home and let more of your inside air out. You’ll probably notice the change in your energy bills as well. You’ll spend more on heating in the winter and more on air conditioning in the summer with a faulty door. 

Hinges Are Squeaking

A noisy door isn’t always a sure sign that your door needs to be replaced, but it can be. It’s a sign that the hardware of your door is breaking down and becoming faulty. Usually, an easy fix like some oil can help reduce the squeaking of your door. The squeaking can be an indication of a larger problem, though. It’s sometimes a sign that the rest of your door isn’t performing well. You may hear a squeaky door then notice other deficiencies in it as well.

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