We over at K&B Roofing are committed to bringing you the best, not just in terms of professionalism and workmanship, but in terms of the products we install as well. We want to give you products that not just perform their job well, but also delivers a high level of customization that can truly make your home yours.


That’s why we are proud to partner with ProVia Windows to give you the best quality windows around. As one of the premier window manufacturers in the US, ProVia is renowned for their incredible balance between top-notch quality and high level of customization. This creates the end result of providing your home with the protection needed and beyond, while at the same time allowing you endless possibilities to shape your home into whatever you want it to be.


If energy efficiency is high on your priority list, look no further than the Endure vinyl window line. Engineered to keep heat retention operating at peak performance year round, this Energy Star certified line is perfect for keeping heating costs low, while still having plenty of options for customization.


If you want the beauty of real genuine wood combined with the low maintenance, high resistance vinyl, look no further than the Aeris Line for the best of both worlds. These windows come with a wooden interior that can be custom ordered to suit the design of your home, and a hardy vinyl exterior that has a great authentic appearance that doesn’t come with the maintenance hassle of traditional wood.


Perhaps you live in a more stormy climate, and want something that will protect you and your belongings when things get a little rough. In which case, look no further than ProVia’s aluminum storm windows. Engineered to provide the best in protection, sound shielding and energy efficiency. Not skimping on aesthetics, they come in 16 different colors, and a variety of different styles to ensure that it is an all-around, uncompromising package.


Unlike some other brands, value and quality go hand in hand with ProVia windows, and none of their lines demonstrate this quite as well as their EcoLite line. With it’s numerous options, including five styles and additions like privacy glass and grid options, these windows give other competitors in the economy class a run for their money.