Hiring the right siding contractor can be a daunting, and frustrating process.  Homeowners in Denville, like most places, don’t know where to begin, let along know what would be the best option in re-siding their existing home. Although vinyl siding is still widely used throughout Morris County, there are some serious drawbacks to its application and longevity. For starters vinyl is made out of PVC, poly vinyl chloride, which more and more research is showing, may not be the healthiest alternative for an exterior building product. It’s highly susceptible to UV, or Ultra Violet Rays, that in time fade, discolor and warp vinyl siding.  When applied in close proximity to energy efficient windows, the reflective property of the windows radiate enough heat to actually melt vinyl siding.



Along what is now Route 10 some historians claim there is evidence that suggests early campsites of the Lenni Lenape Native Americans, the early inhabitants of the area, dotted the area that is now Denville.  It is believed that Dutch and English settlers began arriving here in the late 1600’s.

By the mid 1700’s mills and forges began to spring up as wells as farms, and the beginnings of what is now several lake communities in Denville.  It is rumored that George Washington had his horse shoed when traveling to Morristown, at a smith shop on Casterline Road.

Known as the “Hub of Morris County, mainly because of its proximity to major transportation routes, Denville is a thriving suburb with a bustling downtown of shops, restaurants and cafes. Located about 40 miles from New York City, there are 11 named lakes/ponds, some private some with full time residents, and some for recreational uses by its residents.