How to Properly Install James Hardie Siding

K & B Home Remodelers, a James Hardie Preferred Remodeling Contractor located near Morristown, New Jersey will now show you how to properly install James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, which is quickly becoming the most desired exterior cladding in Morris County.

Unlike aluminum and vinyl siding, which usually goes directly over most home’s existing wood siding, Hardie Plank is a genuine exterior building product, so all the present siding needs to be removed down to the original substrate.

Once the old siding has been removed, regardless if it’s vinyl, aluminum or wood, a thorough inspection is performed making sure there is no rot, water or termite damage. If any bad wood is found it is replaced with exterior grade CDX plywood sheathing.

Once the structure has been determined serviceable, Hardie Wrap, an engineered vapor barrier is applied to the entire exterior. By taping every seam this not only helps seal up drafty areas, it allows the house to breathe properly from the inside out by allowing the expulsion of excess moisture, and prevents water from infiltrating from the outside.

Next a waterline level is taken to determine the high and low point to ensure an even siding application all the way around the home. A small strip known as a kick-out row is fastened to the wall creating the proper angle for the overlap of each plank as it’s applied to the wall.

Inside corners can be made by from bending PVC Coated Aluminum or by using Hardie Board Trim, to achieve the desired look. Outside corners, depending on the profile can be made either mitered for the James Hardie Artisan Panel, woven for Hardie Shake or a traditional to suit any profile the customer desires.

Hardie Plank is then blind nailed so that no visible nails are seen or left exposed to the elements. Each plank is butted the same way wood clapboard would be installed.

Unlike vinyl siding that allows water to get behind it, especially around windows and doors, relying solely on house wrap to channel water. James Hardie Siding requires flashing under each and every butt joint. This will channel any water out and down into the row below.

Houses with low foundations where the siding is less than the ideal 6 inches from the grade require a composite or aluminum skirt board. This can be made to match either the trim or the siding color.

Roof to Wall Transitions are handled much in the same way. Composite or aluminum trim boards are applied 2 inches above the roof line to prevent the siding from ever wicking.

When it comes to your home’s window trim, several options are available. If your existing window & door trim is remaining, it can be wrapped in custom formed PVC Coated Aluminum, then sealed by using an exterior grade color matched caulk.

Using Hardie Trim Boards a variety of looks can be achieved, from Historic Window Trim with a traditional sill nose, or crown headers. An apron can be added to replicate an old-style window trim, as well as the ever popular craftsman by picture framing the opening in widths ranging from 2 to 5 inches.

Mounting blocks are then installed around any hose bibs that protrude through the siding, with a ¼” inch drip cap on top. Blocks can be made to match either trim or siding color. The same is case with all bathroom and dryer vents. As well as all lighting fixtures. Custom mounting blocks can also be made to accommodate mailboxes, flag poles and house numbers.

Special care is taken around masonry transitions. Aluminum flashing is installed to avoid moisture absorption along water tables or sills, and composite trim or aluminum flashing at all vertical stone and brick walls.

Fascia, rakes and gables can be replaced with various size Hardie Trim Boards, as well as decorative moldings such as crowns and bed moldings, rake, base and ram’s crowns. Hardie Soffits come in both solid and vented. Keeping in mind to always provide proper roof ventilation.

Trust Your Home’s Hardie Siding Installation to a Preferred Contractor

All these components, properly installed by a James Hardie Preferred Siding Contractor can transform any style home, from colonial to contemporary, cape cod to craftsman.
James Hardie Siding installed by K & B Home Remodelers has a 30-year warranty, a 15-year paint finish warranty and a lifetime labor guarantee. It’s the only exterior cladding that has the Good House Keeping Seal of Approval.

Every job installed by K & B Home Remodelers is surveyed by Guild Quality, an independent, web-based customer service assessment company, holding us to the highest standards in the industry. To date K & B has maintained a 100% approval rating amongst all surveyed customers. Review sites such as Angie’s List have rewarded K & B a Gold Member along with their Super Service Award for spectacular customer service the past for past 2 years. And Google reviews has them at 5 out 5 Stars.

K & B Home Remodelers, a James Hardie Preferred Contractor. Love Your Home Again!

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