How to Choose a Siding Color for Your House

Your home’s siding is crucial for protecting it from the elements. It’s the first barrier against weather and pests or anything else that comes in contact with your home. So it’s important to have siding on your home that’s able to protect you from the harsh New Jersey climate. There are many considerations to keep in mind including the material and color. You need to select a material that will thoroughly protect you year-round and for that, you should take the recommendation of a trusted siding contractor. When it comes to color, you’ve got more flexibility, but it can still be a tough choice. Keep reading for tips on selecting a siding color for your home. 

Check Out Your Neighborhood’s Palette

First off, one of the best ways to approach selecting your own siding color is taking a look around your block. What are the motifs and color combinations you most often see? Which homes do you like because of their color? You want to stand out, but not in a bad way. It could negatively impact the value of your home if your neighborhood is earth tones but your home is bright purple. You should take the architectural style into account when looking at other homes. If your home is in a similar style, it will look strange if you deviate far from the neighborhood’s typical colors. 

Consider Your Home’s Design

Many times, you can select colors in a showroom or office and think it’ll be a great choice. That isn’t always the case, a sample doesn’t tell the full story. Like we mentioned before, take the architecture of your home into account. Bright colored ranch-style homes can look cartoonish with a large front yard, but the same color could work on a different style home. Don’t forget about your roof and windows either, unless you’re planning to replace those too, you’ll want your siding to compliment them. There is a ton of inspiration online that can help you narrow down your options based on the building style of your house. 

Emphasize Your Home’s Best Features

With the design, you can really trick the eye to focus on certain areas and deemphasize others. If your roof stands out, some trim and gutters that are bright will help draw the eye there. Depending on the features of your home, you can go bright or dark in certain areas and neutral in others. Create harmony with your home’s best features with the assistance of the color of your siding. 

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