Exterior Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Believe it or not but summer is rapidly coming to an end. With the school year for our kids seemingly starting this week and the week after it is time to adjust our gears. With fall comes more time at home and for many homeowners, more time spent on tidying up around the house. As an exterior contractor, we focus on the outside of a house and all things that affect how the outside of a home operates. Follow some of these helpful inside tips to makes sure that your house is ready to attack all that winter has to throw at it. 

1. Trim Trees and Shrubs:

Trees in particular can cause so much damage to your home and landscaping if not dealt with properly. Make sure that you trim off any limbs that are hanging over your house. These trims can cause damage to your roof, siding and windows with the extra weight of snow and ice. 

2. Clean Gutters & Downspouts: 

Once you’ve noticed that most of the leaves have fallen, go ahead and clean out your gutters and downspouts. If not cleaned out, all that build up in your gutters can lead to roof leakage, ice dams, and gutter damage. 

3. Exterior Repairs:

Take a walk around your house and look for any visual evidence of damage to your homes siding, roofing, and foundation. If you notice something off, be sure to reach out to an expert to have it fixed before all of winter comes roaring through. 

4. Add Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping can be applied to your windows and doors to help keep the winter cold outside and the heat inside. Although weatherstripping is a temporary solution it is not permanent. Reach out to your local certified contractor before the winter to schedule an appointment either for ASAP or for after the winter. 

For help on any of these issues, please feel free to reach out to the specialists at K&B Home Remodelers. 

About Mike Damora

Mike Damora is vice president of sales and marketing at K&B Home Remodelers, in Randolph, N.J. You can follow him on Twitter @madamoracatch him on Drift.