Deciding on Your Home’s Siding

Do you remember the saying about inner beauty? Well, in the case of house sidings, the beauty lies in both the exterior and the interior.

The several benefits of adding siding to your house include protection for your house structure, a long-lasting paint job, and an improved property value. You also get added advantages like energy efficiency and having to spend less time on maintenance.

But what are the choices when you are looking for siding for your home? Here’s a list of some popular siding options you can browse through.

Popular Home Siding Options

Stone Veneer Siding

Stone veneer siding imitates a classic masonry-style look. They certainly accentuate your home’s dull cement walls. This option gives your home the appeal of traditional architecture. Although stone veneer sidings are easy to maintain and preserve, they do require thorough inspections. Hence, it’s important to detect any damage or deterioration for prompt repairs. A critical measure you must take for your home’s stone veneer siding is to always apply a moisture barrier, i.e., a seal.

Vinyl Siding

Do you want to browse through a plethora of different styles for your home’s siding? Excellent! You are in the right place. Vinyl siding comes in plenty of colors and styles that will take your breath away. From stone to classic wood-grain, vinyl siding offers plenty of choices. Moreover, all you need is a brush and a hose to easily clean vinyl siding.

Wood Shingle Siding

To give your home a traditional look, you can opt for wood shingle siding. They are a great option to give your property a unique aesthetic appeal. However, they do require annual inspections and detailed checks to ensure no cracks or damage, as is the case for other types of siding. Not to mention, they are susceptible to moisture and other wood-related problems, such as pests, sagging, chipping, splinters, etc.

Composite Sidings (Engineered)

You can opt for an engineered home siding, such as wood flakes and resin-based siding. Engineered home siding can offer features and advantages of several different material types but at a slightly higher price.

Factors to Consider

You should consider various factors besides the few options above when deciding on your home’s siding. The materials, durability, appearance, longevity, and of course, maintenance are some features to look for in a wide range of home siding. Additionally, you’ll want fire, moisture, pest, and weather resistance as well.


Overall, you could seek professional help to decide on your home’s siding. A professional home service provider, including home siding, like K&B Home Remodelers, can help you make an economically viable selection. K&B strives to ensure adequate customer support as well as excellent quality construction and home siding replacements. Contact us today.

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