Few parts of the country have as long a history as Bergen County, NJ From its roots of being one of the first states to make European contact, to its key role in the American Revolutionary War, to its rapid rise economically along with the growth of New York City, Bergen County has a rich history that is largely lived on in the form of the homes that still exist from that era. We over at K & B Home Remodelers are proud to help preserve that heritage and adapt it to shelter a new generation of residents. We are grateful for the opportunity to service such a vibrant and diverse community, and assist them with their roofing and siding needs.

Our Services


A solid roof is the staple of a home in good condition, as it serves the primary role of sheltering a houses inhabitants and their possessions from wind and rain. It also serves the role of helping to regulate a home’s temperature, ensuring that those who live within are comfortable. We at K & B provide the best in roofing services that include inspections, replacements, and installations. Whatever it is that your roof needs, trust on us to provide.


Siding is among the most important components of the exterior of your home, as well as the most impressionable. Beyond being the face of your residence, it is responsible for protecting your home from wind, rain, snow, and other debris. Therefore, it is equally important to maintain your siding as it is your roof. Start by booking an inspection with us to evaluate the condition of your siding. Our experts will let you know what problems you may have if any, and can help carry out proper repairs and replacements if needed.


Windows are the often-forgotten final portion of your home’s exterior. They let in light and help regulate temperature similar to siding and roofing, however they have the unique distinction of making a major difference in the orientation of your home’s interior. With its dual application, you could argue that the windows you install and the state of your windows are most important. Which is why we offer window installation and replacement services to assist you with keeping your windows in the best condition possible.


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